Shhhhh Please!

I like movies. Lots of people like movies. I especially like seeing them at the cinema. The big screen and kick ass speakers definitely makes a difference with the big blockbusters. 

But sometimes you you just want to sit at home and kinda watch a movie. Maybe you’ve seen it loads before and your just putting it on to enjoy a bit of time with someone or alone. Eating snacks and posting on Facebook how wonderful it is.

But please don’t confuse the 2 situations. Let’s have a little quiet in the cinema. Please. Shhhhh.

When watching a movie in a cinema chair,
There’s always some folk you wish just weren’t there,
Talkers and crunchers,
Sniffers and munchers,
And glowing mobile screens everywhere!

Much appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Shhhhh Please!

  1. I completely agree. Was at the pics recently and the amount noise made by hands going into pop corn bags, and then of crunching said pop corn pissed me off.
    And the person next to me had a mobile phone that kept on lighting up when a message came through!!! 😠 Turn it off or put it in a coat/jeans/trouser pocket or handbag. You will survive without it
    On another note how do people manage to eat all that popcorn?!?!? 🐷🐷


    • Not sure about the popcorn thing. There’s no real way to keep it quiet.
      I had an encounter with a talker at the cinema the day I wrote this. I was on the way to the cinema at the time. Coincidence?


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