Colourful Kids

People and drawing. The 2 have gone hand in hand for quite a considerable time now. Back through time to the earliest cave paintings drawing have been a staple way of communicating feelings and messages to the world.

 With our modern alphabets we have less need for them as a communication method and enjoy them in their own right and call it art. Though they are making a bit of a comeback in this modern, digitally connected world with the “Emoji”. It’s said that a picture is world a thousand words, though I think woofer said that was certainly not referring to the poop emoji. 

To some children, art is a wonder that calls,
To their inner creative and always enthralls,
Their hands and their mind,
To create things that you’ll find,
On paper and cardboard and all over your walls!

The little one does enjoy drawing and colouring like all kids her age. Though luckily when her artwork gets onto the walls i already on paper. We’ve not had that mess to clean up yet.


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