Trouble with Trolleys

Shopping. Essential but frustrating at times. I prefer to do as much as I can from the safety of my keyboard but for some things I do feel it’s better to make the short journey to the local supermarket to pick up the required foodstuffs.

Others obviously feel the same as I’ve been requested by a friend to write a limerick outlining the frustration of being stuck behind a slow trolley pusher. So I have. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy!

Taking a trip out for a short grocery shop,
Can be made rather miserable by people who stop,
In the middle of the aisle,
For more than a while,
And make me want to hurl them off a rooftop!

Of course if you yourself fancy requesting a limerick about something then I can likely oblige. I have a good amount of free time for these creative pursuits. Drop something in a comment and I’ll see what I can come up with.



One thought on “Trouble with Trolleys

  1. Love it. I feel the same about supermarkets at the moment. We don’t all have hours spare to walk aimlessly around. And why are old people in the shops at the weekend? They have all week to do it 😀


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