In the absence of Transport

Like many I’ve been frustrated at the ongoing issues Southern Rail services. A saga that makes travelling to and from work a lot harder than it should be and has become nigh on impossible for some people no doubt. (I’ve been lucky enough that I live just a town over from my work so I’ve been largely unaffected but I know many that are suffering considerably because of these strikes.)

At this point I’m too jaded to care why all thisĀ is occurring, and reading the media is not providing me with the knowledge I crave. As usual we get only part stories and half-truths. I reject all the info and will wait for the time when this has all been sorted and the demands and counter demands of all parties have been revealed.

Based on what we do know my take is rather pessimistic. With the way technology is progressing I very much doubt we’ll be needing drivers for our trains, let alone conductors, in the coming years. AI and robot driving will put pay to that. Though having a guard of some sort on board will still be needed. People can’t be relied upon to be helping each other most times, I’m sad to say. (Not that folk don’t, it’s just not as common as it used to be.)

So all that aside, here is another train related limerick to brighten up yet another day of travel torment.

The disappearance of trains is reaching a head,
And it’s the fault of nearly everybody the news has said,
But right now we don’t care,
As we all get nowhere,
When we just want to be back home and in bed.

Best of luck everyone.


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