IP Actually is all around

The Investigatory Powers Act. An attempt by the UK government to legalise the ongoing data collection of its citizens browsing and communication habits. It’s been likened to the blanket surveillance applied by countries such as China and Russia in its broad collection powers.

But recently the EU has said that the collection and storage of this data is not legal under the human rights laws applied there, leading to a tricky standoff. At least until we trigger Article 50 and leave the EU as many seem to be very keen for us to do.

Now I’m not a fan of leaving. I voted to stay and lost, oh well. But I’d rather all my data was not collected willy nilly and stored somwhere to be accessed by quite a range of governmental and otherwise groups. It’s a bad idea and what’s more the cheeky sods in parliament aren’t even allowing themselves to be monitored in the same way.

I guess I’ll just to have to keep using encrypted messaging systems such as WhatsApp and increase my VPN usage.

While our membership of the EU is still quite intact,
The UK cannot enforce its Investigatory Powers act,
The charter for snooping,
Is finding itself drooping,
It’s good to see privacy rights still being backed.

Stay safe folks.

(For those interested in a little “light” reading, the full bill in its 268 page glory can be found here. Enjoy!)


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