Washed out

Cleanliness. Some say next to godliness. But I don’t believe in god so that one is out.

We all know (well most of us know) that it’s important to be clean and fresh and all lovely for our daily interactions. It just makes being around other people far nicer. But what goes on to get there is sometimes more hassle than you want.

I like taking showers. I like the feel of the hot water hitting me and in general they use less water than a big hot bath. I’ll accept having a bath if a shower is not available of course. I’ll get myself clean one way or the other.

However, much worse than there not being a shower, is there being a BAD shower. A bad shower for me is worse than no shower at all. You see that shower head up on the wall, promising to bathe you in its warm, tempestuous stream. Then you turn it on and what comes out is a mere dribble. Pattering on your skin like a dripping tap run through a colander. Horrible.

Now I really like a shower to be hot,
The water pressure strong and if it is not,
I find myself sad,
For if a shower is bad,
Washing myself is a chore to be forgot.

Let’s say that you did get a good one. This leads me onto my next post about the delights that can follow…


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