New Year disappointments

New Years Eve parties. Most of us probably went to one. Some were probably excellent. Some were rather dreary. Some were utterly terrible.

Luckily for me the worst I had to deal with was a hangover and some pretty rubbish fireworks. For £15 we bought some thoroughly underwhelming rockets and roman candle like things that blinded us momentarily before fading fast. Guess that’s what you get when you don’t spend much on some things. Spend little, get little. But considering you are simply setting fire to money, maybe it’s best left to the professional displays.

On an Eve of celebrations ringing in the New Year,
Some fireworks were bought in to brighten the cheer.
They really didn’t sizzle,
They hardly could fizzle,
So we gave up and just drank some more beer.

But it could have been worse. Much worse. Best wishes to anyone involved in the events in Istanbul. Except the gunman, you sir can do one.


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