If you can’t take the heat…

Those who know me know my love of food knows almost no bounds. Pizza, pasta, chips, steak, ice cream, Chinese, Indian. I love it all. Well almost all.

I ordered in curry the other night. Which came with a bag of onion salad. Here is my advice to you all. Don’t eat the onion salad. It’s fine at the time, but when your breath is waking you up at 4am and you can’t get back to sleep without brushing your teeth for the second time in as many hours, that’s a problem. But the curry was good. So that’s OK.

On that note, onto the rhyming.

Now I quite enjoy the spiciness of a curry,
Masala, Rogan Josh, Jalfrezi, Ruby Murray,
But give me Vindaloo,
And I’m afraid that you,
Will have to get out of my way in quite a hurry!



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