Back for good?

It’s been a while since I posted. A long, long while. I’d found my writings to be harsher and not as cheerful as I thought a limerick should be. So I’m back, kinda, to try again and write something right this moment that’s cheerful and optimistic….

Don’t be sad that the world is full of dread and despair,
Or that we’re obsessed with the reality of Trump’s floppy hair,
Just enjoy the ride,
And then run and hide,
From the nukes he’ll most likely send through the air.

OK. That wasn’t so cheerful. But it didn’t take long to write so that’s good. Maybe try again.

You’ll often find that there’s no need to fret,
For I gurantee that the world can get better yet,
The bloggers will take hold,
And the genius will unfold,
From those who hide in their basements on their mum’s ‘net.

That was no better. Third time lucky? (Starting to understand why many arty types get into alcohol. It has its uses.)

Right, so a quick Google for recent news turned up that ol’ Arnie is reprising his role as that metallic doombringer he’s so famous for. Let’s try make something of that eh?

The subtleness of a ninja he certainly does lack,
And you’ll be sure to notice if he was to attack,
With his emotionless stare,
And his turning up bare,
All that’s left to say is that he will be back!

That’s 3 limericks in some timeframe. Late at night. With alcohol. Will there be more? Another night perhaps.