Late night/Early morning

I’m known to be one of those odd people that can get by on around 6 hours sleep rather than the 8 others need. I’m kinda proud of that but I also would like to enjoy being able to sleep longer. If I go over 7 hours it’s a total waste. I feel even more tired than when I went to bed.¬†Early nights to bed don’t particularly suit me.

With this in mind I thought I’d write something about it.

One late night I found myself pondering life’s meaning,
If the end is truly assured, then why bother cleaning?
Just embrace all the dust,
Bring forth the rust,
And you can forget about all that personal preening!

Hmm. Could do better.

It started early one day when the world came a calling,
I was just having a dream in which I was falling,
I awoke with a start,
And let off a loud fart,
Which all the folk on the tube found quite appalling!

Better I think. Thoughts anyone? Subject requests?


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