Who you calling fat?

Now I like fatty foods. Pretty much all of them. A great, big, chunky fat rind on a pork chop is downright heavenly to me. Now I know that it’s not good for me, so I don’t eat stuff like that all the time. Although if I could I probably would.
I am quite fortunate that my metabolism allows me to get away with a fair amount of unhealthy junk. That and a regular trip or 2 to the gym. Well kinda regular. Sometimes.

Either way, I’m gonna write something about fatty food. Yeah.

I’m a man who likes food and that can’t be denied,
Whether roasted or boiled, grilled, baked or fried.
Whether it’s a burger in a bun,
Or Jaffa Cakes by the ton,
I’m quite adept at getting all foods to my inside.


Of course there are those who aren’t as fortunate as me and have to work hard to maintain a healthy figure. To them I say well done. I’m fairly certain that were it not for my bodies natural ability to burn off all the food I eat I’d be easily twice the size I am.


End of the line

Retirement. Something enjoyed by many of the older generation who had the good sense and fortune to save for their old age. Nowadays, with retirement age heading steadily upwards (and considering our longer life that isn’t really unjustified) I doubt I’ll be out of work before I’m 70. But then again I enjoy my job, so there’s that.

In light of this, here’s something about old folk.

For years we must work to support others in old age,
We’re told that their advice is worth listening to and sage,
But both here and abroad,
I find this in discord,
For their voting habits often fill others with rage.

I wonder sometimes if folk should be banned from voting if they’re unlikely to see the outcome of their choices. Controversial? Probably. But possibly practical.

To eat or not to eat?

Welcome, tonight I have many limericks for your enjoyment. This first one is inspired by a work colleague and an exchange they had with another regarding the merits of the vegan lifestyle.
Fair play to you if you enjoy it and find it healthy and fulfilling. Me, I run on junk food, Huel, and meat. Not always in that order.

The way of the vegans is a mystery to me,
They forgo all the meats and savour foods from the tree,
Now fruit is quite fine,
And grapes turn to wine,
But to live without steak is no life for me!

Next one!