To eat or not to eat?

Welcome, tonight I have many limericks for your enjoyment. This first one is inspired by a work colleague and an exchange they had with another regarding the merits of the vegan lifestyle.
Fair play to you if you enjoy it and find it healthy and fulfilling. Me, I run on junk food, Huel, and meat. Not always in that order.

The way of the vegans is a mystery to me,
They forgo all the meats and savour foods from the tree,
Now fruit is quite fine,
AndĀ grapes turn to wine,
But to live without steak is no life for me!

Next one!


One thought on “To eat or not to eat?

  1. A boy who dismembered a spider
    Thought a tigress so tame he could ride her.
    You can guess his surprise
    When she nibbled his thighs
    And he ended up legless inside her.


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